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As the cold weather is already here, you all must be relying on the furnace to feel warmth and keep yourself warm. Having a functional heating system is so important that it will keep you warm all through the winter season. There is nothing worse than having a problem with the furnace when the temperatures are on the rise. Though you can ask for furnace repairs all the time, but knowing some common problems will always help you, some of which are described here in this blog by AC repair Hollywood service.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat problem is not related to the furnace but the thermostat controls the furnace. One of the most common problems related to a furnace is the thermostat, so when you check that your furnace is not heating properly, then check your thermostat, whether it is ain heating mode or not. Check the thermostat batteries whether they need to be changed or not. Also make sure that the date and time are set properly on the thermostat.

Furnace Not Turning ON

After checking the thermostat, and other things, then you should check why your furnace is still not working fine? Don’t panic as there are a wide number of reasons behind this. One reason could be a tripped circuit breaker, so find your home’s breaker panel and look for a circuit labelled as furnace or HVAC. The switch should be set to ON, but if you see that the switch is OFF or set to at the middle position, then this could create a problem. The solution is try resetting the switch to ON position.

Short Cycling

If you hear your furnace is turning ON and OFF, then it’s a sure sign that it is short cycling. And one of the most common issues behind it is dirty filters. Dirty filters cause many furnace problems and one of the most common problems is clogged filters which cause reduced airflow. So when you find that there is no airflow or weak airflow, then this situation can even lead to overheating. The best way to get rid of this is as always suggested by AC repair Hollywood service is to shut down the furnace system as this is the best safety measure.

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