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Heating and cooling systems are important in every household. To enhance your comfort and relaxation, you have to rely upon heating and cooling units. Hence, you have to make out most out of your HVAC unit as it is a costly investment. As this is a unique unit, therefore, house owners have a question in their mind that how long will their unit last? Now this usually depends on a number of factors such your usage and maintenance. However, there are several other factors too.   

So lets’ take a quick look at what factors affect the lifespan of the HVAC unit, as is mentioned by HVAC repair Hollywood service.


The climate you live in and where your HVAC is placed to some extent determines the lifespan. So if you live in a dry environment, then dust, dirt and debris will make its place inside your unit. Periodic checks will certainly keep the unit in good condition and dust-free. The same goes for if your unit is kept near landscaping, it is essential to keep the area clean for proper air circulation.

If Running Non-Stop

If you are letting your HVAC run non-stop, then eventually it will last not so long. Because of wear and tear attack it thereby minimizing its efficiency. In case if it is scorching outside, then your system has to work even much harder to keep it working fine. Try to block heat and stop all the restraints that are causing strain on your unit.

Inadequate Maintenance

Overtime when your unit works harder or longer, it can breakdown. To retain its efficiency, it is always better to repair it on time. Hence, adequate maintenance is something which shouldn’t be ignored, which most of the house owners usually ignore. Annual tune-up includes checking operational problems, replacing filters, repairing air conditioner or furnace, and other such things.   

If ever you want your HVAC to perform better and to last longer, then try to avoid the above factors for its longer functioning. 

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