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Some Useful and Incredible Ways to Increase AC Efficiency

15 April

The air conditioner is the machine which works for you day and night, especially in the summer time to make your stays pleasant and cool. With this condition to fulfill, sometimes the air conditioners lose their efficiency in giving you the required services. So as a owner of the AC system, you should al ...

AC repair Hollywood

Few Tips that Could Genuinely Help in Saving Energy

2 April

Is your energy bills is not in favour to your budget? Or you have done everything possible in order to beat the heat and keep it away from the house? If so, then your AC isn’t keeping up with the energy saving tips and you should not miss the chance of learning a few other […] ...

AC Blowing Hard Air

Is Your AC Running? Then Why it’s Not Cooling

18 March

Many a times, it happen that in spite of AC running for a long time it’s still not making the house cool and not bringing down the temperature below thermostat reading. With having said this, it is imperative to make the users understand that as they reach to the beginning of the hot days, the [&he ...

AC repair Hollywood

Let’s Check How Important is the Condenser Unit?

5 February

Though you most often don’t pay much attention to the outside unit of your air conditioner called as condenser but it plays an essential role in the overall functioning of the AC system and is highly an influential component which works in association with the AC system to maintain the cooling effe ...