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Some Simple Steps to Take When Your AC Leaks Water

Nobody will surely like when the AC leaks water, it might be due to some problem, but generally it happens because of lack of maintenance. The air conditioners produce condensation to cool down the home, but this can’t be suspended when your drainage line is being affected by dirt, dust and debris, then flooding may […]

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Exploring Main Reasons Responsible for AC Leaking Issue

Do you know there’s always some water in the indoor unit of an air conditioner? It is due to the condensation of moisture that takes place when the warm air blows over the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs the indoor heat and consequently, the moisture present in the air turns into water. No, this […]

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Reasons of an Air Conditioner Leaking Water

With summer reside by your side, expecting irregularities in an air conditioner has now become common to be commonly found as one of the factors that could turn away your attention more often than not for which worrying or panicking shouldn’t be the resort to depend upon. It’s fairly a usual thing now of an […]

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