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Exploring Main Reasons Responsible for AC Leaking Issue

Do you know there’s always some water in the indoor unit of an air conditioner? It is due to the condensation of moisture that takes place when the warm air blows over the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs the indoor heat and consequently, the moisture present in the air turns into water. No, this water isn’t meant to leak out of the system unless there’s some problem with your appliance. So, the water dripping out of an air conditioner indicates that there’s something wrong with your appliance.

If you find water is leaking out of the appliance, but you don’t know much about cooling systems, call the professionals of AC leaking water Hollywood as soon as possible. The experts of AC leaking water Hollywood can easily find and fix the issue that’s forcing the air conditioner to leak water inside your home.

Let’s explore the most common AC problems responsible for the water leaking out of an air conditioner.

Before you start reading about the reasons behind water leaking issues, you should know what happens to the condensed water. There’s a drain pan in the indoor unit that collects the condensed water and sends it to the condensate drain line. The drainage pipe carries the condensed water out of your home, and this process continuously goes on. But if the air conditioner is leaking water inside your room, it is probably suffering from any of the following problems.

1.There are several chances that the condensate drain line isn’t in good condition and that’s why water is dripping out. Repairing a damaged AC drainage pipe is a complicated task and you should let the professionals do this.

2. An insufficient refrigerant level in an air-conditioning system is also responsible for the water leaking issue. When the unit doesn’t have sufficient refrigerant, evaporator coils start frosting and the water starts dripping in the room.

3. The presence of too much dirt on air filters may also lead to water leaking problems. So, clean the filter regularly, otherwise, it may start blocking the airflow, which sometimes results in frosted evaporator coils.

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