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Why is Your AC Leaking Water? Here’s to Know

Acting quickly when your AC is leaking water is the best thing to do to avoid leakages. Water leaking can damage your home and you wouldn’t be able to protect your home later. Water damage is a costly thing to manage and which is why it is necessary to know what exactly is causing it so that you can avoid the damage to your carpet, furniture and other valuable things. So here for your reference, the AC leaking water Hollywood service has mentioned few causes that actually cause the water leakage from your air conditioner. 

Broken Condensate Tray

Condensed water from the evaporator coils is collected in the condensate tray of your AC system. So when the tray is damaged or rusted, the water will leak out when the AC unit is turned ON. So when this is the case, you should always consult the repair service and fix the tray issue or replace the tray so that water leakage can be avoided.

Faulty Installation

If your air conditioner is new or has recently been serviced, then you should always check the installation process. Incorrect or poor installation can lead to many problems later and one such problem is the water leakage. The condensed water will leak into your room if there is a gap between the unit and the tray. So always stay cautious when installing the unit and check whether the tray and the unit are installed in coordination or not

Low Refrigerant Levels The refrigerant should be at some appropriate level in order to let your system work properly. The AC pressure may drop if the refrigerant levels are low. This can result in the evaporator coil to freeze quickly and the water will flow from any of the openings. So make sure that you add proper amount of refrigerant to the AC unit as recommended by the manufacturer so that the AC can give proper cool air supply.  

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