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Why is My AC Leaking Water in Summer?

Now if there is a small amount of water leaks near the outdoor unit, then it’s normal, but when you notice that the water leakage is not normal but it is stagnating near the outdoor unit then surely it’s a problem of concern. But do you know why does the water leaks or what causes water to leak, if you don’t know then read the blog as here AC leaking water Hollywood has stated some of the most obvious causes that could let the water to leak.

Dirty Coils

Usually what happens that dust and dirt covers the coil and hamper the condensation process, the condensation doesn’t flow through the coil and into the drain pan. The blockage happens because of the dust and debris that gets stagnated onto the coil which hampers the condensation process and water to leak. To fix this problem, you should immediately call the professional from the AC leaking water Hollywood service so that the professionals clean the coil.

Drain Pipe

The air conditioner functions by passing water through a series of pipes or drain pipes before it passes the water into the drain pan, so if any of the drain pipes are blocked then it causes a water leakage. So as a house owner you should keep the drain pipes unblocked and cleaned or get them cleaned at regular intervals of time.

Faulty Installation

If you notice that your brand new AC system is leaking water abruptly, then most obvious chances are that faulty installation is being done or the size of the air conditioner isn’t proper and it is not able to serve the house requirements. So the best way to fix this issue is to reinstall the air conditioner so that it may not leak unnecessarily.

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