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Why is it Important to Change Air Filters of AC System?

Are you particular in changing the air filters of your AC system? Do you make it sure to get it changed at regular intervals of time? Are your filters not functioning properly? If so, then you should take care of the air filters. If you don’t know then you should learn that an air filter is an important segment of the air conditioner. It works in order to distribute the cool air all around the house in an even manner and when the filter is stuck with dust and dirt, then it works the other way and cause contaminated impurities to be spread all round the house which of course you won’t be finding good. Well! For your better understanding, here in this blog, AC repair Hollywood has discussed about the importance of the air filter.

A Quick Study on Air Filter

The air filter is an important part of the AC system and it is used to distribute the air from the AC system all around the house. The air filter generally functions as a filter to airborne contaminants, but the issue with it is that it can’t get rid of them. And when the air filter is used for a longer period of time, then chances are that it gets clogged with dust and dirt and air gets impure and you stand a risk of affecting by the impure air. So that’s why it is very useful for you to get the air filter cleaned after every three months so that it continue working properly.

Now another issue if not changing filter would be that if it is clogged with dust, then air flow to the evaporator coil will be cut off. The main job of the evaporator coil is to release the refrigerant in order to absorb the heat from the air. But if there is no warm air from the ducts the temperature of the coil will come below freezing point and the coil will be covered with ice. So once the ice is formed on the coil then there is no point of the coil to give any output and thus it may cause the entire system to break down. So that’s why the AC repair Hollywood highly recommends to change the air filter at regular intervals of time.

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