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Two Simple Things You Can Do to Get Rid of AC Water Leakage

To be completely forthright, there’s nothing wrong in saying that water dripping out of an AC isn’t a serious issue. It doesn’t mean you can ignore this because a minor AC malfunction doesn’t take much time to turn into a severe problem. It’s definitely a good move to call the professionals of ac leaking water Hollywood to get rid of water leakage. But the question is whether you really need to spend money on paid services or not.

Basically, there’s no need to hire ac leaking water Hollywood services if you think yourself capable of fixing the issue. Continue reading this blog to discover the most probable reasons responsible for water leakage. Only then you can decide whether you should call the professionals or try to fix the issue by yourself.

Clogged or Rusted Drain Line

Air conditioners have a condensate drain line that carries the condensed water out of the system. This drain line needs to be cleaned regularly because excessive dirt and debris may end up clogging the condensate pipe. If you have the required equipment and know how to do that, try to clean the drainage line. People using a very old air conditioner might even need to replace the entire drainage system.

Filthy Filters or Grimy Coils

If the drain line is completely fine, but the indoor unit is still leaking water inside your room, then it is probably because the amount of water in the system is higher than the capacity of its drainage system. It often happens due to insufficient airflow over the evaporator coils, and filthy air filters are mainly responsible for that. Apart from this, a thick layer of dust covering the evaporator coils can also be responsible for excessive condensation in the indoor unit. It’s quite easy to clean the AC filters, but with evaporator coils, you need to be very cautious.

People who don’t know much about air-conditioning systems are advised to let the professional technicians handle their cooling system. This is on the grounds that an inexperienced person may end up causing serious damage to the entire cooling system while trying to fix it.

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