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Building owners of commercial businesses are always in search of new and latest cutting-edge trends for HVAC units. This idea generated in their minds because of emerging cooling and heating, trends. Not only modern upgrades enhance energy efficiency, but the trends help in saving quite a lot down the line.

Keeping a check on new and emerging trends for commercial HVAC units will certainly bring positive results to your commercial business. So without further ado, let’s just find out what common trends are in trend for commercial HVAC units nowadays.

HVAC repair Hollywood service has highlighted a few common trends that you can consider for your commercial business.

Eco-Friendly Cooling and Heating

We strive to protect our environment and this is what has become a trend for HVAC technology to be more eco-friendly. Eco-friendly air conditioners and HVAC systems are on high rise, but still, there are units which rely on non-renewable fuels to produce energy.

Fortunately, modern units have ENERGY STAR labelling to help reduce carbon footprint and hence lessen down the utility costs. Likewise, solar and wind- powered units are also gaining popularity, which utilize less fuel and produce power to maintain indoor temperature.

Control Systems

Automation is a growing trend for every industry and the same is true or HVAC technology. All thanks to smart devices using which you can have complete control over all aspects like temperature, airflow and humidity levels. Business owners have a smart control through their phones or tablets. This smart control helps business owners to track every detail of their machine for better performance of their units.

Ductless HVAC

Businesses now aren’t using central air conditioning systems and are moving to ductless mini split systems. With a central AC system, installation of a ductwork unit is required, and commercial buildings don’t have an extra area to install a ductwork unit. Whereas duct-free units don’t require much space or indoor air climate. Ductless units can be placed on top, minimizing the hassles of installation. Also, mini-splits have more capability for providing energy-efficient solutions.       

But before you go for any HVAC trends, it is always beneficial to ask for assistance from your HVAC professional. This way you will be able to pick the right trend for your commercial business.

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