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Top Reasons why AC Leaks Water

The air conditioning system is a necessary machine in summers and without which there would be absolute warmness in the house. But as a house owner, you never go for AC repairs and maintenance until your air conditioner doesn’t give you hard days. This can cause malfunctioning in the AC system. Though there are many problems which AC faces but one of the most common problems is AC leaking water. But why does AC leaks water? Do you have any idea? If not, then read the blog further as AC leaking water Hollywood service has listed top common reasons behind the leakage of the air conditioning unit.

Improper AC Installation

One of the reasons that AC leaks water is because of the faulty installation. The AC leaks water because during installation AC and the drainage pipes are not proportional and this disturbs the water flow out of the drainage pan to the outside. This in turn causes the water to flow backward. So make sure that everything is in order during the installation process.

Low Refrigerant

Now this is another reason behind AC leaking water. When the refrigerant or AC gas leaks, the pressure inside the air conditioner lowers down. This in turn causes the freezing of the evaporator coil. And when the evaporator coil freezes, it causes overflow of the water in the drainage pan.

Damaged Drain Pan

If the air conditioner has become old or it has worked for several years, then the drain pan that collects the condensate can become damaged or rusted. So this situation in turn can lead to water not been collected in the drain pan and the water gets leaked through the AC system.

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