Nothing bad can be thought of than you actually got caught by catching the sight of the air conditioner leaking water which is definitely a bizarre astonishment to your conscious, but nothing to worry as AC repair Hollywood service has the best team which can rectify this sudden fault and fix it in a short period of time. Even though, this AC leaking issue can be fixed by diligent repairs with the help of the latest solutions for air conditioning, the question will be left unthoughtful until we thought of that why does AC leaks water and what causes it to leak water? Any idea how does it happen. Well! If you are simply clueless about it, then here’s how you can enlighten your knowledge by reading below where AC repair Hollywood has mentioned a few common yet overlooked reasons mainly responsible for AC leaking water.

Rusted or Dirty Drain Pan

The condensation collected in a drain pan and that drain pan lies beneath the evaporator coil to collect the condensation from the indoor unit and now you can see that how important it is for the drain pan to stay functional, so when this drain pan either becomes rusted or damaged or clogged with debris often results in the air conditioner leaking water and make the whole air conditioning functioning to come to a halt state.

Blocked Air Filter

Not only does the proper maintenance of the air handler is necessary, but also the upkeep of the air filter is quite necessary in maintaining the airflow through the air conditioner plays a major role in avoiding situations like AC leaking water. So, it is obviously important for the air filters to stay functional and not being clogged with dirt or debris as the clogging of the air filters will stop the airflow leading to the issues like freezing evaporator coil which eventually causes the water to get dripped from the air conditioner. So keep a check on the condition of the air filters and do replace them or change them once or twice at timely intervals.

The air conditioner has now been a compulsory device or machine for every household to run progressively. The house owners don’t even give a second thought on owning an air conditioner for their home because it not helps in removing the humidity and hotness but also provide a nice and a flourishing atmosphere to execute all the daily activities smoothly. But this is also true that are days when your air conditioner doesn’t run the way it is meant to run and give troubles. So for your better understanding, AC repair Hollywood has mentioned few such common problems here in this blog and remedies to resolve those problems.

AC Blows Warm Air

This is just not expected from an AC unit that it blows warm air, but it happens and it could occur because of several reasons and of the reasons is that the refrigerant is not in sufficient quantity. It happens because of the coils in the AC develop cracks and leaks due to which the refrigerant gets flown out and thus the system lacks in refrigerant. So the best solution is to refill the refrigerant and get all the leaks and holes of the coil sealed properly.

AC Wiring gets Chewed Up by Pets

Now this is another common issue found with an AC unit is when the wiring of the unit has been chewed by the pets or pests and create a really messy situation. Well! The only way to get rid of this really frustrating situation is to build a fence around the unit or put a cage around the unit to control the entry of the pets around the AC system.

No Airflow from an AC Unit

Sometimes what happens is that your AC is ON but there is no airflow and you get disappointed by this very fact of an AC unit not blowing any air. Now this happens because of the dirty air filters as they get clogged up with dust over time. So the best way recommended by AC repair Hollywood to resolve this issue is to stay punctual in getting the air filters cleaned or replaced at regular intervals of time to avoid airflow problems with an AC unit.

With summer reside by your side, expecting irregularities in an air conditioner has now become common to be commonly found as one of the factors that could turn away your attention more often than not for which worrying or panicking shouldn’t be the resort to depend upon. It’s fairly a usual thing now of an air conditioner to leak water at any time of the hot summer weather. So, instead of worrying or panicking, knowing the causes is highly recommended and the causes are varied and some of the causes are listed here in this blog by AC repair Hollywood service.


The evaporator coil in the air conditioner works to get away all the humidity from the air especially in the hot summer days. Now when the AC unit pulls out the warm air from your house, then it could result in the formation of condensation around the coil which further give rise to AC dripping water. This happens because the moisture doesn’t get emptied into the drain pan through which it should drain. The water gets dripped out when this drain pan gets full and isn’t able to drain water properly.

Dirty Filters

The filter is another reason of having an AC leaking water as when the dust, debris and other pollutant gets build-up on the air filter, it could lead to the accumulation of moisture on the evaporator coil that turns into an ice. Now when this ice starts getting melted, it gets flown over the edges of the drain pan thus letting the AC system to leak water.

Installation is not Proper

The AC installation is quite an important segment in the overall functioning of the air conditioner and when this is done incorrectly, then it could lead several functionality issues of which the AC leaking water issue with the AC system is one of the major things seen disturbing. So, doing the right installation is majorly required for the AC not to leak water.

It sounds hard to go in search of a new air conditioner for home or office when you have options like a duct based system or window systems, but the growing popularity and resourcefulness of a split system couldn’t at least let the eyeballs skip the chance of taking a glimpse of that. So when we know that a split air conditioner is such a unique device having technologically advanced features, then wouldn’t it be better to learn more about it from AC repair Hollywood service that has mentioned few unique points of shopping for a split system.

Installation is Easy

In other conventional systems, to get the cold air from the condenser to the room, you require ducts to get installed, which are expensive and increases the total cost of the installation and also take longer to get installed. But with a split air conditioner, some small installation process is done and the system gets ready to make the room cooler.

No More Windows Anymore

The home owners generally go for a window system if not for a central air conditioning system but these window systems need you to cut a hole in the wall or they may require you to lose of your windows. But with the split system they can be accommodated anywhere in your house.


The initial cost of getting the split system installed is usually higher but in the long run, it is much cheaper and provides a good ambience inside your house. Also, the split system lets you have a complete control of how should you cool your room and how much energy you should use in using the split system.

Though these are just a few of the incredible points which are enough in strengthening your decision of buying it, but there are other several other interesting points which can help you in realizing the significance of having an advanced split air conditioning system at home or office.