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The air conditioner is the machine which works for you day and night, especially in the summer time to make your stays pleasant and cool. With this condition to fulfill, sometimes the air conditioners lose their efficiency in giving you the required services. So as a owner of the AC system, you should always seek out ways that could aid your machine to keep a consistent flow with the services it is required to render. One of the best ways is to check out the efficiency of the air conditioner and that could be enhanced by adopting few ways that are described here by the AC repair Hollywood service here in this blog for your reference.

Clean Outdoor Unit

One of the best ways to increase efficiency is to keep the outdoor unit area clean and tidy. Over time, the area near the outdoor unit gets inundated by the tree leaves and other types of waste stuff which block the outdoor unit to perform its services. So as a responsible house owner you should clean the outdoor unit periodically in order to preserve the efficiency of the system and keep the air conditioner absolutely intact in performing its services.

Keep Windows Covered

If you keep the windows open or not covered, then the temperature of the inside will rise and unnecessarily your system has to work hard in order to maintain the temperature. So as a responsible house owner, you should keep the doors and windows closed by curtains so that direct sunlight should not enter the house and thus help in maintaining the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Replace Air Filters

Another way described by AC repair Hollywood is that if you aren’t aware then do remember that clogged air filters cause a number of problems if not replaced once in every two or three months. As the air expels through the air filters to all over the house, so it is important for filters to remain dirt-free as not only does the air will pass through them but also the AC will work harder and thus lose its efficiency. So for maintaining the efficiency and the indoor air quality, air filters should be replaced at regular intervals of time.

AC repair Hollywood

Is your energy bills is not in favour to your budget? Or you have done everything possible in order to beat the heat and keep it away from the house? If so, then your AC isn’t keeping up with the energy saving tips and you should not miss the chance of learning a few other useful tips so that the AC can help you in having lower energy bills. Below here in this blog, some quick and easy tips are described by AC repair Hollywood which not only increase the efficiency of the air conditioner but will also help you save quite a substantial amount on energy bills.

Cover the Windows

Now you must be thinking that how could windows can help in saving bills, but this is true as if you keep the windows of the house covered with blinds or shades in summer then this will not allow the solar heat to enter the home and thus your AC will not do much hard work as compared when the windows aren’t covered. So always make sure that you cover windows in the summer to avoid entering the sun rays into the house.


Another crucial aspect depicted by AC repair Hollywood is to get the house insulated from the sun rays. Better would be if you get a professional assistance in checking other areas where insulation is very much required. Other such similar areas to be looked upon are electrical outlets and exhaust fans. Once you come to know the areas where the insulation is not proper then get all the areas sealed with weather stripping and spray foam in order to insulate the windows.

AC Maintenance

This is quite an important step to maintaining the lower energy bills. Always get the AC undergo proper maintenance session and change the filters and get the condenser unit thoroughly checked by the professional. In addition to this, also get a cleanup session done for the surrounding part of the outdoor unit as the surrounding area near the outdoor unit usually gets accumulated with dust debris, tree leaves and other obstructed things which are not in favour of the outdoor unit to work consistently.

AC Blowing Hard Air

Many a times, it happen that in spite of AC running for a long time it’s still not making the house cool and not bringing down the temperature below thermostat reading. With having said this, it is imperative to make the users understand that as they reach to the beginning of the hot days, the house owners should get a maintenance check for their AC systems so that whatever problem is causing the AC not cool down the house should get simplified before the summer begins. If you get the maintenance check up done for your AC system, then chances are that you will not be ending up facing not cooling the house problem. Here in this blog AC repair Hollywood has listed down few major reasons for the house not cooling provided that your AC has been running for a long time.

Clogged Filters

The clogged air filters are not only responsible for not getting the house to cool down but it is also responsible for air conditioner not to function in a better way. So getting the clogged filters changed or cleaned is one of the most vital things to be done for the AC system to function in a smooth and consistent way. If you notice that the filters are clogged heavily then calling the professional from AC repair Hollywood is the best way to rid of the clogged air filter problem.

Component Failure

If any of the components fail down, then it brings down the AC performance and thus end up making you face component failure. If the compressor fails down, then cycles of moving refrigerant between the outdoor and the indoor unit will not function, whereas if the fan motor of the condenser unit fails down, then the hot air will not be removed effectively and thus cause the house not to be cool enough. So both the compressor and the condenser are very much important in order to let the AC to cool the house effectively.

AC repair Hollywood

Though you most often don’t pay much attention to the outside unit of your air conditioner called as condenser but it plays an essential role in the overall functioning of the AC system and is highly an influential component which works in association with the AC system to maintain the cooling effect. More often than not you have always known about the inside pert and knows that it absorb the heat from the home’s air, now this absorbed heat is thrown out of the system by the condenser unit which is why the condenser unit is meant an important consideration in the heat exchange mechanism. Without this condenser unit, this absorbed remains inside the indoor unit and couldn’t get outside. This exchange of heat and dissipation of heat is made through few components of the condenser unit which are described here by AC repair Hollywood service.


The heat absorbed by the inside part of the AC system goes to the outside section where the compressor out the pressure on the refrigerant and thus elevates the refrigerant temperature which makes it feasible for the heat to get transferred in the next cooling mechanism.

Coils and Blower Fan

When the refrigerant leaves the compressor it pass through the coils and this is the point at which the blower fan expels the air over the coils to cool the coils and let the heat out of the system.

Refrigerant Passage

A refrigerant passage is the passage which binds together the indoor unit and the outdoor unit and with the presence of the passage the cycle gets revolved to pass the refrigerant and makes possible the whole cooling process to occur in a nice manner.