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Some Obvious Reasons of AC Leaking Water Inside Home

Some Obvious Reasons of AC Leaking Water Inside Home

Anytime you see a leak in your AC system, it is natural to feel worried. Water damage can be a very expensive thing that can make you feel annoyed. Your floors, celling, carpet and even furniture can be damaged. So, it is obvious to be worried when your air conditioner is leaking water and fixing it is very much necessary. But have you ever realized why it happens? If not, then read the blog in which the AC leaking water Hollywood service has listed a few reasons for this.

Clogged Drain Line

A clogged drain is the most common cause behind water leaking issue with the air conditioner. It happens because the drain line gets clogged up with dust or dirt and the water backs up into your home. So when this happens, you should unclog the drain, once it is done, then the water leaking issue is fixed properly.  

Dirty Air Filter

If the air filter is dirty, then it blocks the airflow over the evaporator coil. And when this happens, the evaporator coil gets cold and freezes. It stated to melt and drip an excess amount of the water which the pan may not be able to handle. So if this is happening, then check your air filter to see if it is dirty or not. And if the air filter is dirty, then change it after regular intervals of time.

Low Refrigerant

Now another reason is the low refrigerant in your AC system. If there is a low refrigerant, then it lowers the pressure in the AC unit leading to freezing up of the evaporator coil. And when the coil melts down, then the water overflows into the drain pan. So when this happens, try to refill the refrigerant and get your system checked by experts.

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