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Some Obvious Reasons for Cleaning AC Coils

All parts and components of the AC system are important in order to make the system run flawlessly throughout the summer. Of those parts, the condenser and evaporator coils are one of the important parts that work in tandem foster AC to make the coolness stable. So cleaning those coils should also be taken as an important task as the most of the times, the house owner don’t care for the cleanliness of the coils and end up having a malfunctioned AC unit. With so many coil cleaning processes, the house owner often finds themselves confused in picking the best coil cleaning process and for which they should take the guidance of the AC repair expert team. Another issue remains with the house owner they sometimes they don’t feel like giving a cleanup session to the coils and may end up having dirty and non-functional coils. So to make you clearer on coil cleaning, AC coil cleaning Hollywood service has listed out a few reasons of getting the coils cleaned.

If Coils Dirty then Head Pressure Increases

The dust and dirt settled on the coils results in insulation against heat transfer. The dirt accumulation on the condenser coil allows the heat not to be taken and thus head pressure increases. And when the head pressure increases then electricity also increases.

Reduces System BTU Capacity

When head pressure increases then system BTU capacity gets reduced. For instance, if there is a 10 ton AC unit then it will render only 7 tons of coolness to the house. This further causes discomfort and also affects cooling capacity and refrigeration.

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