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Let’s Check How Important is the Condenser Unit?

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Though you most often don’t pay much attention to the outside unit of your air conditioner called as condenser but it plays an essential role in the overall functioning of the AC system and is highly an influential component which works in association with the AC system to maintain the cooling effect. More often than not you have always known about the inside pert and knows that it absorb the heat from the home’s air, now this absorbed heat is thrown out of the system by the condenser unit which is why the condenser unit is meant an important consideration in the heat exchange mechanism. Without this condenser unit, this absorbed remains inside the indoor unit and couldn’t get outside. This exchange of heat and dissipation of heat is made through few components of the condenser unit which are described here by AC repair Hollywood service.


The heat absorbed by the inside part of the AC system goes to the outside section where the compressor out the pressure on the refrigerant and thus elevates the refrigerant temperature which makes it feasible for the heat to get transferred in the next cooling mechanism.

Coils and Blower Fan

When the refrigerant leaves the compressor it pass through the coils and this is the point at which the blower fan expels the air over the coils to cool the coils and let the heat out of the system.

Refrigerant Passage

A refrigerant passage is the passage which binds together the indoor unit and the outdoor unit and with the presence of the passage the cycle gets revolved to pass the refrigerant and makes possible the whole cooling process to occur in a nice manner.

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