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Is Your AC Running? Then Why it’s Not Cooling

Many a times, it happen that in spite of AC running for a long time it’s still not making the house cool and not bringing down the temperature below thermostat reading. With having said this, it is imperative to make the users understand that as they reach to the beginning of the hot days, the house owners should get a maintenance check for their AC systems so that whatever problem is causing the AC not cool down the house should get simplified before the summer begins. If you get the maintenance check up done for your AC system, then chances are that you will not be ending up facing not cooling the house problem. Here in this blog AC repair Hollywood has listed down few major reasons for the house not cooling provided that your AC has been running for a long time.

Clogged Filters

The clogged air filters are not only responsible for not getting the house to cool down but it is also responsible for air conditioner not to function in a better way. So getting the clogged filters changed or cleaned is one of the most vital things to be done for the AC system to function in a smooth and consistent way. If you notice that the filters are clogged heavily then calling the professional from AC repair Hollywood is the best way to rid of the clogged air filter problem.

Component Failure

If any of the components fail down, then it brings down the AC performance and thus end up making you face component failure. If the compressor fails down, then cycles of moving refrigerant between the outdoor and the indoor unit will not function, whereas if the fan motor of the condenser unit fails down, then the hot air will not be removed effectively and thus cause the house not to be cool enough. So both the compressor and the condenser are very much important in order to let the AC to cool the house effectively.

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