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How Far is it Safe to Use an Air Conditioner in a Baby’s Room?

Are you confused about whether you should use an air conditioning system in your newborn baby’s room or not? As far as it is about using an air conditioner in a baby’s room, you are allowed to do so. Even the experts say there’s nothing wrong in keeping your baby in an air-conditioned room. But this point is fair only till you are using your AC unit the right way.

Yes, air conditioners can also have some negative impacts on your baby’s health, which is why you need to ensure a couple of things in order to protect your baby from harmful effects of air-conditioning.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Working Fine: No matter if you have a baby in your home or not, you still need to ensure that your air conditioner is working fine. This is because a poorly functioning air conditioner is always a threat to human health. Taking this into consideration, call the experts of AC repair Hollywood for the inspection of your equipment at frequent intervals.

Never Take a Newborn Too Close to the Cooling System: To protect your baby from the intensively cold airwaves, keep him/her at a certain distance from your air-conditioning system. This is because babies have a very weak immune system, and excessive cooling can be harmful to their health. You can also cover your child with the light layers of garments for a better protection.

Clean the Filters and Air Ducts Regularly: Newborn babies are highly likely to suffer from allergic diseases, which is why you need to maintain a dust-free atmosphere in your baby’s room. This is the reason why we advise you to clean the filters and air ducts at regular intervals. For deep cleaning of the AC ductwork, you will need to contact specialists.

Try not to Change Temperature Setting Too Often: A sudden change in surrounding temperature can be harmful, even to a healthy and young person’s health. But when you have a baby, you need to be more cautious about this, i.e. don’t change the temperature setting again and again, else your baby might end up getting sick.

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