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Do You Know Why Your AC System is Blowing Hard Air?

Do You Know Why Your AC System is Blowing Hard Air?

Cooling home is an important criterion in maintaining the coolness at home in the summer time. The air conditioner is one of the most favourable machines using which anyone can feel cool and comfortable without a doubt, but when this machine starts blowing hard air, you may think for a while what’s that? Well! It is nothing but your AC unit is blowing warm air due to several reasons which sometimes you know and sometimes you may not know. To make you aware about those reasons, the AC blowing hard air Hollywood service has mentioned few obvious reasons behind this cause.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is meant to last a lifetime, but often wear and tear can damage your AC unit, thus increasing the chances of leaks over time due to which the refrigerant levels start decreasing. So when your cooling machine doesn’t have proper Freon, it starts blowing hard air as it doesn’t go through the proper evaporation process to produce cold air.

Inadequate Maintenance

When you delay maintenance service or don’t pay attention to timely repairs, then your cooling machine starts losing its efficiency and may deliver warm air. This in turn causes problems and may cause issues regarding comfort levels. Build-up of dust on the filters can also make things problematic and you may face issues regarding warm air.

Duct Leakage

The duct leakage is also an issue that causes hard air problems sometimes the ductwork unit develops holes, gaps and cracks that allow the cool air to escape and thus you get warm air form your vents. Since the ductwork unit is located in the ceilings, walls or other areas of the home, you should hire a contractor to inspect the ducts and know the exact cause of the leaks or other issues.

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