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Do You Know the Reasons Due to which AC is Suffering from Leakage Problem?

Undoubtedly, the air conditioner is the most important appliance that we have at our home to get cool air supply. It is not only an appliance to get a cooler supply of air, but it is also a friend and the biggest supporter to get rid of the sweatiness that gets acquired during summers. Most of the times, the temperature rises so high that you don’t have any other option other than to sit for a continuous period of time in front of the AC and take a cool supply of air. But there are situations or times when this AC system also faces trouble or issues that make it inactive and allow it to stop functioning. One of the most common issues that arises most often is when the AC leaks water and that too when you need the AC services the most especially during hot peak season. Now before proceeding further, let’s learn that what are those reasons that led the AC to leak water and how can it be repaired. So for your reference, AC leaking water Hollywood service has summarized few reasons here in this blog for AC leaking water.

Cold Temperature

The condition of the outside temperature can affect a lot on the AC to leak water. This sounds awkward, but it is true that the outside temperature affects a lot on the AC and create temperature differential. Now in such situations, when the air conditioner tries to cool down the house, the cooling coils accumulate ice and causes the AC system to leak water. Another reason could be that if the AC unit is too big for the room, then the system will cycle ON and OFF and thus results in forming of the ice.

Blocked Drainage

If the condensate drain pipe is clogged with dust and debris, then it could lead in the overflow of the drain pan. So this is the most common result when the condensate drain becomes clogged with dust or debris and this is usually gets clogged and this is the most common cause of the AC to leak water. So if you see that water is leaking from the AC then immediately call AC leaking water Hollywood service and get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

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