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A Quick Look at Two Major Reasons of AC Leaking Water

The air conditioner is a very much necessary equipment that is used in the summer for the continuous cool air supply all through the summer. Sometimes the AC works continuously for a longer period of time without any maintenance or servicing. So the house owner doesn’t care of the repairing service and this can cause trouble with the air conditioning unit. The AC parts can get malfunctioned and some other problem can also occur.

The AC leaking water is one of the most common issues that troubles a lot. The house owners try to fix this issue and calls the professional to fix it. But do you know about the major causes behind it so that you can fix those issues before they become a problem. Well! If you want to take a look at those major reasons, then read the blog as here AC leaking water Hollywood service has listed those reasons here in this blog.

Improper Installation

If you find that the leaking occurs and the air conditioner has been installed recently, then faulty installation is the major reason behind the leakage. This means that the AC system and the drainage pipes are not in proportional to each other. This results in the water-flow problem out of the drainage pan. The water flows backward, so it is essential to put the drainage pipe at a lower height so that the water can flow out of it properly.

Dirty Air Filters

The air filters can become dirty over time when they work for a longer period of time and this can block the airflow over the evaporator coils due to which the temperature of the coils can come to a freezing state. This in turn causes the ice formation on the coils which further results in the excess water dripping out of the drainage pan. The pan doesn’t able to handle the excess amount of the water and results in AC leaking water.

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